By Gary M. White, MD

The onset of acquired progressive kinking of hair (APKH) is often in the teenage years at, or just after, puberty.


In this acquired condition, localized areas of hair become curled, frizzy, and lusterless--resembling pubic hair. The hair may frequently become darker in color. It occurs most commonly in the frontotemporal, parietal, and vertex scalp, and in most cases, does not progress to involve the entire scalp.


If caused by some eternal insult, the condition may remit. Otherwise progression to androgenetic alopecia may be anticipated.


A blond, 23-year-old man with the hair around his ears and occipital area had turned darker, shorter, and curlier during the last 3 years. The hair in that area was more scarce and fragile. Int J Trichology. 2016 Jan-Mar; 8(1): 24–25


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